Newly Appointed CXO

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DCPEed Hans-Gerlach Woudboer  RapidBusinessModeling  A New Kind of Activity Based Costing Table Of ContentsHow To Enhance Your Company’s Profitability By 30% Or Better Within 3 To 9 Months.2"RBM in a Nutshell"4Why it’s important?6RapidBusinessModeling’s Technology & Solution6Why 40 Percent of Your Business Is Unprofitable and How to Fix It8Basics on Whale-Curve14Case Study Glass Manufacturer16Case Study Logistics [...]

Enhance Your Company’s Profitability

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Title You are the owner or CEO and strongly believe Your Company's Profitability Is below Its Potential. RapidBusinessModeling has built a solution to enhance your profitability typically by 30% or better. We help you to integrate the necessary know how into your company. We are here to help you to get started to build Your Company's  [...]

Product and Customer Profitability of Companies Based upon a Small Bakery

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This Article Deals with the Product and Customer Profitability of Companies Based upon a Small Bakery You can always create detailed business model, starting from a general ledger. This goes together with other product or sales related data.  The purpose of the exercise is based, among other things, on the consideration that decisions made every [...]

Sustainable and Significant Company Profit Improvement

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Sustainable and Significant Company Profit Improvement Hans-Gerlach Woudboer Sustainable and Significant Company Profit Improvement Who is it for: -Company owners and CEOs of smaller and larger companies.  Management and in particular  -Business analysts.  Especially the persons are addressed, who feel that sense of urgency when it comes to potential improvement of internal processes. Exactly those [...]

What is RapidBusinessModeling

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“Good Decisions Require  Good Models”  RapidBusinessModeling's Technology & Solution enables you to make such models. The models are a mirror image of your enterprise. It tears down all silo barriers and provides you with a complete new insight. The detailed business model is following the Activity Based Costing concept with their causality principles enabling you to [...]

Improve Your Customer-Profitability

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Speaker 1: Did you know that 40% of your customers are likely unprofitable. Yet nobody seems to be aware of this general fact. Furthermore, companies don't have an easy way to determine where they can make changes to increase profitability.This chart shows how our Flowbuilder breaks down resources into workplace costs and further down to [...]

Increase Your Company’s Profitability within Months

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I’d like to invite you to join myself for a webinar on “How to Increase Your Company's Profitability within Months Substantially!”   In this 45 minute webinar you'll learn about: A Systematic Approach for making change happen within months. A generic Rapid-Proto-Typing Methodology applicable to all companies and industries. Opportunity to win a free Rapid-Proto-Typing detailed business model for your company. Exciting new way [...]