Performance Management Suite (PMS)

The Enterprise-Intelligence solution for your company displays at the touch of a button, what you always wanted to know more about your customer profitability, for example. All the essential details of your multidimensional business model can be shown for example as Pareto-Grafik, for example, detailed costs for a special production cell in combination with the corresponding transactions. Or, you may have the actual revenues for this area with the associated cost drivers on the screen.

Since the PerformanceManagementSuite depending on request also shows a detailed potential analysis, which can easily identify where improvements are possible. In combination with the corresponding simulations RBM’s Technology and Solution can then represent the new results, before the necessary change measures should be undertaken. Essentially it all happens by the simple pressing of icons. Very efficient and easy to learn. It is tailor-made and designed specifically for your desired needs trimmed and yet on a standardized basis. This keeps the adjustment costs very low.