Rapid Business Modeling (RBM) offers a Rapid Prototyping method for creating detailed multidimensional business models of a company or organization. These models, which represent a profit and loss statement per channel, customer, or order (or any other dimensions), can significantly improve profitability. RBM’s modeling approach uses causality principles and requires just a few inputs – revenues, costs, and the number of roles in the company – to create an initial multidimensional enterprise model. These models, like a digital twin of the company, can be used to simulate and make decisions based on facts rather than guesses. RBM offers interested companies a free online session to demonstrate how this works and provides access to a Performance Management Suite that includes detailed information about customer profitability and potential ways to improve it through internal benchmarking analysis. RBM specializes in enterprise modeling for manufacturing companies and other service-oriented organizations.

With the help of RBM’s Rapid Prototyping method, companies can create a comprehensive business model that includes information about their financial performance, as well as their carbon footprint and environmental impact. This can help them to make informed, data-driven decisions that support both economic and environmental sustainability.