RapidProtoTyping a BusinessModel of an Enterprise

By Hans-Gerlach Woudboer

We at RBM have developed a RapidPrototyping method to enable companies to effortlessly create a detailed multidimensional business model of their company or organization.

Those models represent a profit and loss statement per channel, customer, or order!-or any other dimensions.

One -of the easiest way-We achieve this is via a RapidProtoTyping Modeling Approach for the Enterprise. The resulting model, combined with internal benchmarking analysis, provides the information needed to improve the company’s profitability significantly. Typically within weeks to months!

RBM’s modeling approach uses the causality principles.

The RapidProtoTyping process needs just a few inputs:

– Revenues

– Costs

– #Roles in the company

That is all it needs to create an initial multidimensional enterprise model.

Those models are like a Digital Twin of your company.

With these models at your hand, you and your management team can simulate the company and allow decisions based on facts, not guesses! 

RapidBusinessModeling is happy to offer interested companies a free online session to show them how this works for their company. 

Prospective customers would have a fully accessible Performance Management Suite at AWS or installed on their premises. With all the detailed information about their customers’ profitability, including potentially the best way to change their profitability based on internal benchmarking analysis.

The multidimensional simulation capability allows the company to understand the future impact of any change before acting.

We specialize in enterprise modeling for manufacturing companies of all sizes and other service-oriented organizations.