RapidProtoTyping a BusinessModel of an Enterprise
By Hans-Gerlach Woudboer

My business, RapidBusinessModeling, has developed a rapid prototyping methodology, which is intended to give enterprises the ability to provide them painlessly with their detailed business model of their enterprise or organization down to a customer profitability.

This means a P&L per channel or customer or per order!
RapidBusinessModeling achieves this by building a multidimensional enterprise model via a RapidProtoTyping Modeling approach of the Enterprise. This combined with a Systemic Analysis -an internal benchmarking analysis-provides the information needed to improve the business’s profitability significantly within months!

RapidBusinessModeling’s unique state of the art multidimensional enterprise modeling is based on true cost using the causality principle. That is to say, the internal modeling relationships are based upon cause and effect principles applied to the data made mostly available through transactional data in combination with their other cost and revenue data.

The RapidProtoTyping process is based on a few inputs:
• #Roles of the Organisation
• Transactional data

• Revenue
• Costs

This is sufficient in order to generate a first RapidProtoTyping Model of the Enterprise. These models have the capability to simulate the business allowing it to make decisions based on facts and not guesses! Based on this simulation, profits can be increased much faster.

RapidBusinessModeling likes to offer any interested enterprise a free online session, showing them how this works. During the meeting we will show some special examples to get the idea across. Online sessions for a particular enterprise could be tailor-made to there audiences industrial field.

Profit Enhancement by RBM combined with Operational Excellence Solutions

Prospects would have a completely accessible Performance Management Suite — either as an Amazon Web Service or installed at their premises — with all the detailed information of their customer profitability including the potential best way for changing their profitability based upon an internal bench-marking analysis.

Multidimensional simulation capability allows the enterprise. to understand the future impact of any change prior to acting on it.
We specialize in enterprise modeling for manufacturing companies of any size, and other service oriented organizations.

Potentializer Approach