Welcome to RapidBusinessModeling’s Technology and Solutions
RapidBusinessModeling  is a management consultancy firm with the mission to improve profitability significantly!

RapidBusinessModeling achieves this by building a multidimensional enterprise model combined  with a Systemic Analysis. We have developed our own proprietary RapidBusinessModeling Software. This is based upon the Wolfram Language– the most intelligent SW- pretty underutilized in the business world. For a painless start we have also developed a RapidProtoTyping for modeling an Enterprise approach. Based on this we help you  to simulate your business and ramp up your profits much faster.

How many unprofitable customers does your company have?
What are your dependencies on your customers? How much profit does each customer add or subtract to your company’s profit? How profitable are the customer services your company provides? What is the true P&L of each of your customers? Do you understand the order profitability such that unprofitable orders like in above Whale Curve can’t happen?

We have the answers to these questions and more.
We build multi-dimensional enterprise models reflecting your company and all of its important dimensions and details. With these models we can simulate your business allowing you to make your decisions based on facts and not guesses. Contact us today for a live demonstration!

Rapid Business Modeling