“Good Decisions Require  Good Models” 

RapidBusinessModeling’s Technology & Solution enables you to make such models. The models are a mirror image of your enterprise. It tears down all silo barriers and provides you with a complete new insight.

The detailed business model is following the Activity Based Costing concept with their causality principles enabling you to make exactly the right decisions. 

The integrated simulation capability allows you to understand the outcome prior to making it happen. 

Algorithms are in place to show you the potential based on a gap analysis for cost and revenue in combination with a customer segmentation monopoly approach. 

That is the avenue to increase your profitability conservatively by 30% or better. 

It must be a management approach and it is not a one-man show! 

But typically your business analyst is the best man to move it together with the management forward and become the hero for the company. 

Although modern thinking like Future of Work can be all part of the story.

 It has a integrated business intelligence software depicting detailed Whale-Curves for the dimension and question like customer, product, channels etc.  Each dimension has a P&L at your fingertip. 

Those models are truly multidimensional. Which means you can dice and slice from any perspective and have it always right.

Why it’s important?

 Because following the typical accounting allocation principle, your model is all wrong. 

And it won’t be multidimensional and it want have a P&L by customer .

It can be all operated on AWS Marketplace.

Want to see how it looks for your company? We are more than happy to show you on a demo based on your typical parameters.